Need Help Selling Maturities?


Most tax lien buyer’s purchase tax liens as an investment.  However, they soon find that they are not just investing; they have created a new business, AND, a new job for themselves - handling the tax sale maturities. 

Viking can simplify your life and get you back to your investment goals.  Viking works with tax lien buyers in two different ways:

BUY PLAN - For some clients, we purchase their maturities (100%) as of the maturity date.  The price is negotiable, but our typical arrangement is to structure a deal that gives the client a rate of return they would have achieved if the property had redeemed.

PARTNER PLAN - For other tax sale buyers, we take an ownership interest in the matured properties in exchange for the obligation to research, market, negotiate, convey and collect.  Viking shares in the net proceeds from sales at its ownership interest.  Distributions to partners are calculated property-by-property.  If Viking has cost in a property that we cannot sell, we eat that cost.   

Viking's ability to offer payment terms to property buyers, track and receive monthly payments and make payment collections results in higher sales prices and improved ROI than straight "cash sales" do.  And, installment transactions provide the added benefit, over time, of consistent monthly cash-flow. 

Both the "Buy" and "Partner" options are, generally, "all or none" propositions. 

Viking's 15+ years' experience in marketing literally thousands of matured tax sale properties in the state of Mississippi gives us the ability to add value over and above the cost to you and, more importantly, turn tax sale "investing" back into an investment and not a new career for you.