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Website Listings Update

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our website, which we hope to resolve soon. Some of the listings showing may no longer be available. For an updated list of available properties, please email with the area you are interested in or visit our Facebook page for information. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience.  We will update the website once the matter is resolved.  




    Viking acquires title to properties through tax sales.  The properties shown on this website are "matured".  That is, generally speaking, the period of time allowed for prior owners to redeem their property from the tax sale has ended.  In all cases we have made attempts to return title to the prior owner. That is our first priority, always.   

    However, for many reasons, prior owners may choose to not redeem their properties.  In that event, our company is awarded ownership (via the tax deed) to the property.  We offer these properties for sale to individuals and investors.  

    We think you will find some exceptional real estate bargains on this website.  If you don't agree, make us an offer. 

    IF YOU ARE NEW TO TAX DEED PROPERTY -  please click on "Buying Tax Deed Properties" to the left.  Then click "First Time Buyer of Tax Deed Properties?"


Our Mission Statement

Viking Investments serves local communities by:

Providing operating revenue to counties through the purchase of real property tax liens.

Enforcing and operating within the laws set in place to protect the greater good of the community.

Cleaning up neighborhoods by selling abandoned / blighted properties to owners who will fix, clean and occupy them.

Providing affordable opportunities for homeownership.


Owner/Agent Notice -  Viking Investments has an ownship interest, in whole or in partnership, in all properties shown on this website.  Viking is not a real estate broker and does not act as such.  Viking and its affiliates are offering these properties as owner and not as agent.   


We strive to keep these lists current by updating the website regularly, but properties sell and prices can change at any time.  Please feel free to give us a call or send an email regarding your interest in any property.

Properties are subject to prior sale.     

Prices are subject to change.

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 So please, have a look around, and contact us with any questions you might have about the market or our services. No question is too mundane - we want to help!